Add beauty and calm to your life through these products based on original paintings by me, inspired by nature and wildlife. They will also serve as perfect thoughtful gifts for people special to you!

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Bhavna Singh

There are artists and then there are geeks. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you got an artist who super intelligent? Well, that is Richa Kedia for me. Her intelligence drives her art and art shows a different level of smarts. She spends some very smart time on the research of her subject or project before starting the same. That's what makes her art smart


Gaurav Shekdar

Rarely have I seen art merge with science so beautifully as it does in Richa's work.

She has the craft of an artist immaculate and then goes deep into the science of achieving the desired results in a manner that's absolutely perfect...

So all I have to say is this... the world is a canvas, splash your rainbow !!!


Col. Gaurav Bhatia

I cannot even begin to tell you how elegant and classy the calendar was and it found all-round praise from everyone in the family. My wife who is mighty choosy about what goes on display in the Drawing Room - herself put it on the corner console in the Drawing Room. That is the best validation, I could share with you for the quality of your handiwork.

150 Recommend it