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Bat Poster

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Freelance Project May 2020

BRIEF: In the wake of COVID-19, Bats are being blamed and punished for no reason. COVID-19 did not come from bats directly and killing bats will not save anyone from the disease. It will only disturb the ecological balance and give rise to more zoonotic diseases. Bats play a crucial role in the ecosystem and should be protected, not killed. I conceptualized, illustrated and designed this poster to help curb the rumours about bats and hence protect them.


SOLUTION: Bebo, a fruit bat offers clarifications on behalf of her kin. Please feel free to download the poster below in your language and help spread the word and protect this fascinating species.

Concept, content, illustration & design : Richa Kedia

Technical Inputs: Rohit Chakravarty

Hindi Translation: N.K.Kedia

Bengali Translation: Kasturi Shah

Marathi Translation: Raju Kasambe & Pranav Pandit

Telugu: Pranav Tamarapalli

Urdu: Asif Mubeen
French: Emilie Van der Broeck

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