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Book Cover Design

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Shillington College Brief, 2017

BRIEF: To develop handmade book covers for my favourite books.

SOLUTION: I first designed the cover for 'Never Let Me Go' by Ishiguro. It is a dystopian novel about clones raised in a fabricated world, only to discover later that their sole purpose was to donate organs to their donors. After several wordmaps, thumbnails and moodboards, I conceptualized and designed a book cover that depicts the dark character of the book and the contrast between the dream world of childhood and stark reality revealed in adulthood.

Later I also designed the cover for the book Sybil on multiple personality disorder. Though the case might be fabricated, the book was very fascinating, especially given the fact that the protagonist was an artist and each of her personalities added a different dimension to her work. I wish the book had incorporated a few of her paintings but it did not. So I made an illustration of my own at least of the cover, which summarizes the story for me.

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