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Maruman Vifart Watercolour Pad: Unleash the Magic of Watercolour


Maruman Vifart Watercolour Pad features high-quality drawing paper with a smooth surface and minimal unevenness, perfect for sharp line drawings and detailed work.


The durable surface is strengthened to withstand peeling from erasers and repeated brush strokes, with a bleed-proof design for easy colour movement, making it ideal for botanical art, calligraphy, and illustrations.


  • High-Quality VifArt Paper: Maruman's custom-made watercolour paper, globally recognized since the 1980s.


  • Smooth Surface: Almost smooth with minimal unevenness, ideal for sharp lines and detailed depictions.


  • Versatile Use: Suitable for various mediums including watercolour paints, pencils, coloured pencils, pens, and colour ink. Perfect for botanical art, calligraphy, illustrations, and miniatures.


  • Glue-Top Binding (Tenori): Allows easy and clean removal of finished pages for display or paper crafts. The pad opens flat, enabling effortless sheet peeling.


  • Durability: Strengthened surface prevents peeling from erasers and repeated brush strokes. Designed to avoid bleeding or blurring, ensuring smooth paint movement.


  • Sheet Colour: Pleasant natural yellowness with excellent colour rendering and storage stability.


  •  Available Sizes: Offered in A4 and B5 sizes.


Enhance your art with Maruman Vifart watercolor pad - 100% original, source from Maruman distribution network.

Maruman Vifart Watercolour Pad

₹1,580.00 Regular Price
₹1,380.00Sale Price