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Maruman Zuan Drawing Paper: Elevate Your Artistry!


Since its foundation in 1920, Maruman has been at the forefront of high-quality drawing paper development. The Zuan Sketchbook first mass-produced in 1958, remains beloved worldwide.

The Zuan Sketchbook is perfect for artists of all levels and various uses, from drawing to business presentations. The durable twin wire binding keeps your pages secure, even with everyday use.


Recognized with the Good Design and Long-Life Design Award in 2008. Maruman's dedication to quality and customer satisfaction makes it a market leader in Japan and internationally.



Textured Excellence:

Its premium quality drawing paper features a unique shibo texture, providing depth and a natural, pictorial effect.


  • Sketching, drawing, or painting, the textured surface provides a rich and satisfying tactile experience.


  • Crafted with Maruman Zuan drawing paper, this acid-free marvel enhances artistic expression with its natural grain.


  • The unique texture adds depth and character to every stroke, allowing for unparalleled creativity and nuance.



Versatile Performance:

Suitable for watercolours, coloured pencils, crayons, and pastels, the well-absorbent, durable paper withstands constant erasing without much damage.


  • Its versatile nature allows artists to explore various techniques and mediums with confidence.


  • From bold lines to subtle washes, Maruman Zuan Drawing Paper adapts effortlessly to your artistic vision.


Preservation Perfection:

  • Acid-free and neutral pH composition ensures long-term integrity, ideal for treasured artworks.


  • Protect and preserve your creations for years to come, knowing that your work is in safe hands and will maintain its quality over time.


Premium Quality:


  • Products are not only quality checked through the latest technology but subjected to periodic writing tests by Maruman Paper Meisters to check for writing strength and comfort, thereby resulting in a high-quality premium product. 


  • Every sheet is crafted with care and attention to detail, ensuring consistent quality and performance. Experience the difference that premium-quality materials make in your artwork with Maruman Zuan Drawing Paper.


Maruman Paper Series (MPS):

Enjoy the Maruman Paper Series, which identifies the type of paper used for each Maruman product, commonly known as Maruman Original Paper.


  • Developed after years of rigorous research and development, 13 types of custom-made papers are designed in Japan.


  • Utilized for various Maruman products best suited for studying, drawing, painting, journaling, note-taking, and more.




  • Available Size:- A3 / A4 / B4 / B5 / B6
  • Paper Finish:- Texture Laid
  • Sheet Count:-24
  • Page Count:- 48
  • GSM:- 126.5


Made In Japan

Create a journey with Maruman's artistic paper collection – 100% original and carefully curated from Maruman's renowned distribution network.

Maruman Zuan Spiral Sketchbook - A3/A4/B4 -24 Sheets

₹1,199.00 Regular Price
₹999.00Sale Price