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Maruman Artist Medallion Sketchbook: Unleash Your Creativity with Confidence


    The Maruman Artist Medallion Sketchbook is crafted with the highest grade Japan-produced Maruman drawing paper, offering an extra-thick mouth that resists moisture absorption, resulting in a flat finish.


    The natural texture enriches artistic expression and is suitable for watercolour painting, drawing, and various art supplies. The spiral binding ensures the smooth turning of pages, providing ease of use and secure storage.


    Maruman Paper Series (MPS):

    • Identified by the Maruman Paper Series (MPS), each product utilizes "Maruman Original Paper," developed after extensive research and development. This ensures suitability for various artistic pursuits.


    • Rigorous Quality Checks: Products undergo rigorous quality checks, including writing tests by Maruman Paper Meisters, ensuring optimal writing strength and comfort.



    About This Item

    • Natural Texture: The surface boasts a natural texture that enriches artistic expression, providing a soft and absorbent canvas suitable for watercolor painting.


    • Heavyweight Paper: Recommended for those who prefer minimal waviness when applying watercolour. The heavy-weight paper limits water absorbance impact, keeping the surface considerably flat.


    • Acid-Free Preservation: Made with acid-free paper, it is ideal for the long-term preservation of artwork, ensuring excellent storage stability.


    • Signature Spiral Binding: Maruman's signature spiral binding (with coil loop) allows for easy flipping to the next blank page with ease.


    • Sizes Available: Available in F2 (191 x 245 mm) and F4 (331 x 242 mm) sizes, offering options to suit different preferences.


    Made In Japan


    Elevate your art with Maruman Artist Medallion Sketchbook - 100% original, sourced from Maruman's network.

    Maruman Artist Medallion Sketchbook- 20 Sheets

    ₹1,990.00 Regular Price
    ₹1,690.00Sale Price