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Maruman SOHO Sketchpad: Unleash Your Creativity, Crafted in Japan


    The Maruman SOHO Sketchpad is the perfect companion for sketching, rough images, drawing drafts, and more. Whether for hobby illustrations or children's drawing books, this sketchbook offers ample capacity to capture your ideas and creativity.


    Manufactured with Maruman's custom-made drawing paper and featuring 100 sheets (200 pages), The SOHO Sketchpad promises the reliability and quality that come with "Maruman" in Japanese products. 


    Versatile Sketchbook

    The SOHO Sketchpad's woven felt surface offers versatility for various artistic techniques, while its soft paper material is perfect for pencil colour painting.


    • The "Ukuchi" feature makes the paper hard to tear even with force, suitable for pen tips and coloured pencils.


    • The "Tenori" style Japanese glue binding allows for easy removal of finished pages, making it convenient for display or use in paper crafts.


    About This Item


    • Named for Inspiration: Named after New York's iconic SoHo district, Maruman Soho sketchbooks are designed for sketching both at home and on the go.


    • Versatile Surface: The paper surface is made of "woven felt," finer than drawing paper, offering enhanced versatility for various artistic techniques.


    • Durable Construction: Featuring a coloured card stock cover, thick cardboard backing, and 100 pages of smooth, acid-free art paper suitable for pens and coloured pencils.


    • Perfect for Watercolours: The soft paper material absorbs moisture well, making it ideal for watercolour painting.


    • Convenient Glue Binding: Glue Binding (Tenori) allows for clean and easy removal of finished pages for display or paper crafts.


    • Premium Quality Paper: Manufactured using Maruman's custom-made drawing paper, ensuring reliable quality and performance.


    • Size Availability:
    • B4, B5, B6
    • Compact yet spacious enough to carry around everywhere.


    Made In Japan 


    Unleash your creativity with the Maruman SOHO Sketchpad, designed to inspire and elevate your artistic endeavours - 100% original, sourced from Maruman distribution Network.

    Maruman SOHO Sketchpad-B4/B5/B6-100Sheets

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